If you see a great price on air fare, buy it because it wont last very long. I started looking for a flight as soon as we got our RCI trade for a week at Costa Linda. We use Delta because of the connections from here and because we have their skymiles card. I found a first/business fare for our dates at $1,125 per on one of my searches and bought it immediately because it was $300 cheaper than the lowest price I had seen it before. With our ff miles giving us an additional $800 off it was a great deal. That price has never come up again. My sis and bil decided to join us in Aruba again this May since we have 2 weeks in a 2 BR at Costa Linda. They are both retired since December so they can fly almost any time. They usually stay a week while we stay 2. They live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and have American Airlines ff miles. My sis called me and said they were having trouble finding a decent air fare for her. They had 60,000 AA miles and that was enough to buy 1 ticket. They could buy enough ff miles to get her a ticket but the cost of the extra miles was more than just buying a ticket. I went to the AA site and checked a return flight one way from Aruba and saw that they had enough miles to get 2 return tickets with a lot left over. I checked the cost of a one way ticket to Aruba on AA and it was about the same as it would cost them to just buy her a ticket. Then I had a brilliant idea, check one way fares to AUA from DFW on other airlines. I started with Delta. I put in the info and pressed the flexible date finder. I was surprised to find 2 flights in their date range for $251 per. I called my sis and she also found them. My bil didn't think he wanted to fly 2 different airlines but we convinced him. They ended up leaving on Monday and coming back on Tuesday a week later, so 8 nights. Those one way tickets on Delta are now $396 per.