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Thread: CBP cutbacks

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    I worked for the state and retired in 2001. Prior to that for at least 5 years, we were required to take furlough days, 20 per year which was the equivalent to one month of pay. that program continued for the workers even after I retired. It is a hardship. We had two choices, either agree to it or there were going to be major lay offs. we agreed to it. For those of us at the top of the rung, it cost us more than those who's jobs we were saving but we did it anyway. they still laid off people but not nearly as many as they would have if we had not agreed to it. we voted and felt it was the only way to save alot of jobs. of course for me it meant more days off, lol, which I ALWAYS wecomed, lol...

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    My son in Florida is a grad just turned 30 and got a great govt. job 2 years ago. He works on base and is sent to school constantly. He has now been told about the days off. I was also quick to say "At least you won't be getting laid off." He has worked so hard to get this job. I will flying there out of PHL for Easter and a spring break visit with grandchildren. I will see then how the lines are. DH did not feel the impact would be immediate but who knows.? It is a shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    The furloughs don't start till April.
    Yes, but CBP has said that they use overtime to expand capacity at peak times in many airports. That overtime has stopped as of 3/2. Obviously, there is the potential for a bigger impact after 4/2

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    Apparently there are already delays in customs at LAX and ORD.
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    don't mind having to go to the airport early to GET to Aruba...but having to go to the Aruba IN aruba early will not make me happy since I wait till the last minute to end my time in paradise.....

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