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Thread: Compliments to United Airlines ... Thanks!

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    How I got US AIR Vouchers!

    If you go to this post you will read my horror story from Jan. 2nd 2010

    Saturday Jan. 2nd US Air flight and airport...INSANE!

    I sent off an email (actually it was a form for customer service/complaints) and asked for someone to call me. I said it was too long a story to put in the comments section on the form.

    A US AIR rep called me and I explained our experiences and requested some compensation for all of my additional expenses that we incurred. We had a very polite but pointed conversation and in the end we were given $200 vouchers x 3 to use within a year. Used them for our December 2010 trip. I have to say this is not the first time I got $200 vouchers from US AIR either. In March 2008 we had another disastrous flight home and four of us each got $200 vouchers.

    If you are firm, polite and sincere they will be generous. Personally, this year I wanted more than $200 per person but I believe that is the max. they are allowed to give.

    Good luck with UNITED and perhaps they can do the same for you, Joe and Mimi. BTW, Bully picked us up right after he dropped you off at the airport!
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvsun View Post
    Snidely, do you live in green bay? my husband is from howard!!
    luvsun, not from Green Bay. Live 90 miles to the west in central Wisconsin. The night before we left for Aruba we had dinner @ Curly's Pub in the Lambeau Field attrium.

    Randi, Bully mentioned you were his next pick-up. It's amazing the business he has developed as a result of his personality and excellent service. Roughly 5 minutes before he was to pick us up, another cab pulled up and the drive came looking for us to pass along a message from Bully that he was running 10 minutes late. Service and consideration that is difficult to beat.
    Joe & Mimi


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