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Thread: Continental/Newark/Christmas (not so fast!)

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    Thumbs down Continental/Newark/Christmas (not so fast!)

    Having traveled to Aruba for many years (during high seasons) and paying very high prices on Continental from Newark, I figured I would get a jump on booking early this year. Continental claims that you can book your flight 330 days out but, when I attempted to book from December 24 to January 4 the airline showed no seats available. I found it hard to believe that the entire plane was booked so early therefore, I contacted a Continental representative to inquire about this situation. The rep stated that Continental's marketing department determined to block out the seats until May since it is considered "The Holiday Season" and they want to be able to determine prices. Wow! So much for a booking policy that allows you to book 330 days out! What I cannot figure out is why Continental's competitors are able to provide booking availability 330 days out. Continental once again proves to be "greedy" and not consumer friendly.


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    Thanks for posting this. I wondering myself why the fares were not posted.

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