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Thread: Continental out of Newark

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randi View Post
    Thanks everyone. Me and my youngest DS travel the same, like to get to the airport early. We would rather wait inside the security but not feel stressed then have that pressure of time.

    On the other hand, DH will leave to the airport at the last possible minute as will my other two DS!! However, they all recognize that IN ARUBA we need the three hours to get through everything during the busy season.

    As far as Newark/Continental, all your comments were helpful. I think I will tell him he needs 3 hours and if he has a little less time (as he will think I am ridiculous) than he still should be fine.

    I agree , it may seem a bit much ( 3 hours ), but its better to be save than sorry. I go on Continental out of newark, and always allow myself the time, if everything goes quickly, at least the stress and worry is over

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby View Post
    that sounds like our flights. though they changed our 4:30 flight out of aruba to 3:25 and that's weird, we now get in at 7:20. we leave almost an hour earlier than planned and get in almost the same time. that's just to cover their butts for on-time flight stats. they take into account delays and then this way when you get in at that time they say see, we were on time. and if you get in earlier they are wow, we are great, you got in earlier.

    i don't care, i just want to go. 4 weeks from today I will have landed and gotten my car and should be at the apartment (if we don't get lost). i told my husband he needs to find the route from our apartment to lings so we can stock up on food, lol......

    I checked the website after reading your post...yes, they did change the flight time on departure. Thanks for letting me know!!!

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    they should have sent you an email. first they changed our flight to aruba from 8:45 to 9:00. I got an email to that effect. then they changed our departure from aruba and sent an email. if you didn't leave an email alert with them, go into your reservations and add it. this way you know. I had to email Hans at Tropic Car Rental that we would be getting in a half hour later. He said he just needs the date, airline & flight #. He checks it himself for this very reason. Especially since we are in New Jersey and at that time of year, one can never tell the weather so I never know if we are going to actually leave on time.

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