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    (Taken from an email I received this morning)

    We are proud to share some exciting news with you.

    This morning, Continental announced that we have signed a definitive merger agreement with United Airlines and together, we plan to create a truly global airline. This combination is a merger of equals bringing together the best of both organizations and cultures to create a world-class airline with tremendous and enduring strengths.
    Of particular interest to you, the combination creates the industry’s leading loyalty program offering the things you value most recognition, upgrades and priority airport services consistently delivered across a much broader network with an unparalleled global reach.

    Since our transition to Star Alliance last year, we’ve worked closely with United and are confident this combination will build upon the partnership we already have in place.
    We will keep you informed throughout the planned integration process. Please visit, our dedicated joint merger website, for detailed information about today’s announcement.

    On behalf of Jeff Smisek and the entire Continental team, thank you for being a loyal OnePass Elite member. We look forward to welcoming you aboard your next flight.
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
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    Any Aruba beach...
    Should be interesting.

    Consolodation of flights in cities where they each own gates means fuller planes and increased profit for the airline.
    Less planes flying, IF there are no competiting low fare carriers in that city = higher fares.

    The best hope is that that consolodation of gates would make room for Jet Blue, Southwest, Southwest etc. to expand into more cities.

    BUT if it is a city no one is interested in then the fare is going to be $$$$$.

    UAL-Continental Fliers to See More Hubs, Higher Fares

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    Well Continental's home is Houston, Tx. and that is where I live. I am sure the fares will go up. I just hope they keep the direct flight to Aruba. All we can do is just wait and see.

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    Hey "Love Aruba"...I'm in Houston too and I'm in the process of planning a mid Oct. trip to Aruba. Unfortunately, my schedule won't allow to get on the Sat. non-stop flight. I'm traveling mid-week returning on a Sun.

    Last time we went, we took the AA route through Miami, this year I'm looking at doing the same but also looking at the Delta route through Atlanta. Any opinions on either?


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    IAH to AUA should be OK

    Quote Originally Posted by Love Aruba View Post
    Well Continental's home is Houston, Tx. and that is where I live. I am sure the fares will go up. I just hope they keep the direct flight to Aruba. All we can do is just wait and see.
    Continental flight on 9/4/10 from Houston to Aruba is nearly full already! We fly from Portland, OR (PDX) on the red-eye, then Houston to Aruba. I think we'll be OK just because of the high flight occupancy.

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    There is very little overlap in their networks. The only place where you will see significant reductions is Cleveland.

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    the "miami connection" was off topic and that is OK.....but i gave it its own thread as it is important conversation.........therefore leaving continental / united to have its own thread

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