A few months back I posted a comment on the DAE facebook page
complimenting them on their professional service in getting me to my connecting flight during my return trip from Aruba. I asked if there was any chance that DAE would commence opperations out of POS with flights going to and from the ABC islands and other destinations within the region. I received a quick reply that the airline was in the middle of preparing to add Trinidad and Tobago on its list of destinations.

Based on the article from the Curacao Chronicle(link provided below) this will be happening in 2013, and I for one am looking forward to their arrival and commencement of opperations in T&T. Flying with DAE from here will mean more direct flights to and from Aruba or even if connections have to be made through Curacao, as it will be with the same airline passengers flying from here will most likely receive boarding passes for their connecting flight upon check-in which will allow for them to go directly to the Tranist area instead of through immigration and baggage claim, thereby cutting their time down and allowing for passengers to catch earlier connecting flights to the island.

Needless to say I am excited about this, and look forward to flying with DAE on my next visit to Aruba.