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Thread: Do online quoted prices change?

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    Do online quoted prices change?

    Concerning prices displayed at respective website (for instance, spirit), for seats scheduled four months from now, do these same seat quotes change day to day (or month to month for that matter), or do these quotes stay the same?

    If the former is the case, typically how far out is the sweet spot for making the purchase, or does it become too much of a gamble?

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    A question that boggles the minds of so many of us....
    I have seen prices change in an hour.

    I think that the sweet spot is very subjective. Some say 6 mos out. Others say 90 or 45 days.
    I do not know the correct answer.
    It could be what the customer is comfortable paying.

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    They most definitely change. Best to just decide on a price you can live with and then jump in it when you see it.

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    That's exactly what we do. We've been watching pricing for years from a number of search engines. As soon as we see something below average and below our threshold of pain we book.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pegmeister View Post
    They most definitely change. Best to just decide on a price you can live with and then jump in it when you see it.

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    I watch the prices frequently.. when I notice a price that seems responsible I will book it even if it means using flying one airline there and another back.
    SWA does offer airline credits for price drops.. but you must use it in one yr.

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    They change all the time. I've seen several fluctuations over the course of one afternoon. Just choose a number that works for you and buy it as soon as it drops below. We typically fly Southwest and as Cathy said they credit you for price drops.

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    I have literally been in the process of booking flights and the prices changes during the check out process.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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