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Thread: Duty Free at BWI

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    Duty Free at BWI

    We are so use to flying to Aruba via Atlanta, this year it's BWI with Southwest. Does BWI have much in the way of duty free shopping, is it a relatively small airport??

    thanks Rich & Deb

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    "Duty-free shopping offers international travelers a way to save money on a diverse array of merchandise, from dazzling high-end jewelry to premium liquor."

    Sounds like they're ready to impress you!

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    If you have a stop, I think you have to buy at your last airport before leaving the US. You may have to wait till Atlanta to buy.

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    BWI does have a fairly decent Duty Free shop in the Southwest Airlines terminal area. It's not as big as Atlanta or some of the larger airports, but the selection seems to be pretty good. I've never really shopped there, just looked around. Looks like we may be going around the same time. Have a fun trip!Dave
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