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    When we fly on Friday (big TS day) we always get to the airport early. DH used to be annoyed with me but after listening to the grumbling from people who left the minimum of time before check-in he went along with me. They had the really long wait because there were alot of people. We usually upgrade so we can use the lounge and get comfortable with our books (Kindle's now )

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    Since we are usually returning to Boston on Saturdays, I really have to remind my wife, Joan, that anything under 3 hours is cutting it too close.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by Chadd View Post
    As for problems with staffing in Aruba, aren't most of the employees there contract labor and not actually airline employees?
    I know for a fact that Delta uses contracted employees in Aruba.

    Between dh and I we each have our own AMEX Sky Miles credit cards as well as one for my business. Besides the miles, the only Sky Miles credit cards offering any real airline or airport advantages are entrance to the Crown Club with the Platinum card. No CC in Aruba, so useless to us there.

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