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Thread: flight from Detroit

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    flight from Detroit

    My husband and I booked our flight using miles on American. I tried to book two more tickets on the same flight and the miles went from 12500, each way to 35000, each way, so that wont work. Then looked at regular flight and last week it was 970.00 for (2), and today its 1078.00 for (2). Were trying to get two flights for my son and his gf, but at this rate next week it will be even more. Gas here in Detroit area is 3.99 per gallon.

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    We found with Delta that there were only 2 seats available for the flight we wanted with the least amount of miles. With Delta at least we were able to pay for a third ticket with partial miles.

    If you can find a fare you can "live with" go for it. I do not think anyone can guarantee where fares are going.

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