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Thread: Flying from Aruba to Bonaire

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    Flying from Aruba to Bonaire

    Can anyone tell me what I would be looking at if I fly from Aruba to Bonaire? There will be 6 of us. How expensive??

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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.


    Haven't tried it myself but this is the airline
    They quote $82
    "Fares are per adult, return, excluding airport tax, fuel charge and upon availability."
    Maybe you should email them at
    to get a real quote.


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    Why, oh why, would you want to loose a day from aruba..... IMHO Its to perfect to leave !!!

    Palm Beach March 2016
    Aruba May & June 2016
    Aruba Dec 2016 NYE

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    We don't really want to go to's just another route to take to get home. We fly standby and if we can't get out of Aruba on a flight, we'd thought we would try going out of far we are looking just to stay an extra night in Aruba..........(something a little cheaper though)!
    For a family of 6, flying to Bonaire is going to be way tooooo expensive!

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