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Thread: flying in - the circling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanNic44 View Post
    I forgot to mention that a flight instructor once told me the old adage that, "Any landing you walk away from is a good one."

    Sorry about that.


    That made me laugh. I have a friend that is a pilot, and he has used a similar line before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    that happened to us this past visit.
    i mentioned to my husband that if we tilted to the left another inch, we'd flip over.
    it did give for a spectacular view, albeit nauseating.
    maybe the cockpit crews were busy on their laptops.

    we have never circled the island......did the pilot or any of the cockpit crew make any kind of an announcement like.............air traffic, gotta make a loop?

    once we landed from the opposite direction.
    came in over the northeast (?) side, balashi factory and the ocean was on our left.
    now that was BIZARRE, although it happens occasionally due to what i would guess as wind or weather.

    gulp! hopefully laptops are now banned from the cockpit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edronenburg View Post
    Whatever it takes...the bottom line...You are now in "Paradise" for a number of days/weeks; and can then enjoy all the sun; sand; friendliness and fun that one should deserve on a vacation.

    Yup....what he said

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