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Thread: Good bye free pass TSA

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    Both my husband and I fly a lot for work and pleasure and have been getting TSA precheck free for years (maybe because of our Delta Medallion status? Have no clue. But we do log in over 50,000 flying miles each every year.) We just flew to Aruba this past week (husband arrived yesterday) and we're still getting it for free. As soon as we stop getting it is when we'll fork over the money and purchase Global Entry (which includes TSA precheck.)
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    Just yesterday, I looked up the info and differences between TSA Pre-Checked and Global Entry. Here is the info I found:

    TSA Pre✓

    TSA Pre✓ is an expedited security screening program connecting travelers departing from airports within the United States with smarter security and a better air travel experience.

    Passengers considered low-risk who qualify for the program can receive expedited screening either as a member of the program or another specific trusted traveler group.

    Pay a non-refundable $85 fee valid for five years............

    More info at link:

    Global Entry

    Global Entry is a program of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service that allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to receive expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States. As of December 2014, Global Entry was available at 42 US airports and 12 preclearance locations. More than 1.8 million people are enrolled in Global Entry and approximately 50,000 new applications for the program are filed monthly.

    Non-Refundable Application Fee

    A $100 one-time fee is required with your Global Entry application and must be paid at time of application submission through the Global Online Enrollment System. You can pay by credit card or through an electronic bank transfer.

    The fee is non-refundable, even if an application is denied.

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    I have been getting TSA pre check for years. At this point I don't feel the need for Global Entry.

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    I have also been getting pre-check, probably since I travel so much for work...or at least I did until this past year and 1/2...I have heard different reasons for people to get free pre-check, from frequent flyers, to age. So I am a FF and am not so young anymore (past the age of immortality :-(....damn..)
    I haven't flown since March and I did receive pre-check then so.....I have not clue how they determine free pre-check but my Dh and I have discussed it and we will not be paying for it when the time comes that we have to....Not giving the gov't anymore money that I have to, they already own my paychecks !!!!

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    My wife and i did the TSA pre check for $85 dollars.We did the interview at a office at Logan Airport in Boston.Had to do the finger printing and a 3 minute interview.We use it traveling thruout the U.S.
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    We felt the added 15 bucks for Global Entry was worth it. It worked well leaving Aruba, even if there was only us and the agents in the immigration hall.

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