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Thread: GWV or TNT air and resort charters Bos to AUA

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    GWV or TNT air and resort charters Bos to AUA

    Am i correct in saying there are NO air charters for Aruba any longer from Boston?
    In late 90s and early 2000s we took probably 3 or 4 charters to Aruba, using the air only part of the deal thru TNT or GWV and also a place in Reading, MA. was a facilitator and a couple of times i rented my timeshare to the Reading travel place that packaged it with air for a customer.

    I think we were on an airline called ALLEGRO air via TNT or GWV?

    Am i correct that these Boston to AUA charter flights no longer exist?

    Someone told me that these planes are now very much involved in the troop transportation for US armed forces serving overseas.

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    It appears that TNT still has packages to Aruba from Boston but are using scheduled air(especially airtran and us air) and does not offer charter flights anymore. I used Tnt several times when I first started going to aruba. the airline was North American(Canadian co.)

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    I used GWV my first 2 years to Aruba from Bradley Int'l Hartford - at that time the flight started in Boston and picked us up at Bradley. They stopped shortly after at least coming to BDL which would have been around 2002 or 2003. I wish they still were available for us. I just checked their website and it automatically brings me to Apple Vacations which they are now part of and the Boston and Hartford does not have a Aruba option in the drop down box. It would be nice if we could get enough people interested to bring this back.

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    I agree with the above... I think a lot of us are from the Boston area, so such an option would be helpful.

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    Haven't seen a charter from Boston since the "Turn of the Century". Last took ATA in 1997.
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    My wife and I used to use both gwv and tnt since early eighties. tnt had two weeks of charters for school vacations this year. They do not run weekly charters anymore. We live in western mass and used to be able to get the charters at bradley airport. They used to even fly some direct from bradley. Haven't used them in 10 years don't know why they stopped? Maybe with more flights from boston direct couldn't fill them anymore,but they were convenient.

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