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Thread: Horseback Riding, Ostrich Farm, Donkey and US Customs

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    Horseback Riding, Ostrich Farm, Donkey and US Customs

    Just some info. When we went through US customs coming home we were asked if we had done any of the above. We replied yes to the horseback riding and were instructed to go sit and wait for a US Agricultural officer to come get us. It was only about 5 minutes and he took us back to sterilize the shoes we wore for horseback riding. Very quick! This is just to tell you that it is best to keep those shoes in one bag for easy access. Luckily I remembered which suitcases had which shoes. Don't let this stop you from any of the activities - the horseback riding at Gold Mine was wonderful - but if you are aware you can save yourself some digging in the bottom of the suitcase.

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    good advice

    thanks for the reminder

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    One of the guys from work went to the Ostrich farm with his wife and they pulled them out of line to ask about the feather they found inside a book, in a checked bag. Just be honest and everything is fine.

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