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Thread: The IMPORTANCE of allowing 3 hours @ Airport

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjones View Post
    Abuse your bodies one last time the night before and nap on the beach in the am to recover.... just thinkin'.....
    I was thinking of this abuse on the day of departure. I do not enjoy flying so, I may need to do a little self medicating. Is there a "How much do you drink on the plane" thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan&Sunshine View Post
    I was thinking of this abuse on the day of departure. I do not enjoy flying so, I may need to do a little self medicating. Is there a "How much do you drink on the plane" thread?
    Haha...depends which flight. On the way down we like to have a couple to get in vacation mode. By our departure day we are usually ready to start our detox. The dry out from our last trip has lasted 3 months!

    I know lots of people like to spend their extra time at the bar in the airport, but haven't made it there yet.

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    does this happen on uk flights too that are package holidays as we arrive in 10 days and this is the first I have heard of an x being put on your passport and being removed to another queue

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    In all our years going I never heard of an "X" being stamped on passport, so that was new to me.....I goes if for no other reason you should do the 3 hours for the
    airport. We always do anyway since after we pack in am and have to check out by 12-1 and we usually have a later flight (4-5) we figure we may as well head to rental car place, stop for gas, then we always make it with lots of time. Have gotten to airport and flew threw and other times waited forever.....u never know
    and now with everything automated it has been pretty quick going trough lines till you get to customs agent and since they are down to 2 (if you have done the automated thing) everything comes to a screeching halt .........they need to "unfreeze" hiring and put a few more agents in the auto line.....

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    Never heard of an "X" and an extended search.

    I have NEVER needed near three hours to get to my gate (18 years). Like good doobies we get there early and sit around for too long before boarding.

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    We have gotten the SSS several times, which means extra screening and searching at the U.S. TSA scanning, but never heard of the X.

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    We just checked in and it only took about 30 minutes however we were here over 3 hours early because it once took us well over two hours to go through the check in process. Global Entry was having issues today and we had to check in using the other new machines.

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    It took us 2.5 hours from start to finish on Saturday, we started at 12:00 and we were upstairs after clearing customs at 2:30. The lines were crazy and barely moving.

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    We travel in December and don't mind getting to the airport early. If possible, we try to watch the Packer Game at the One Happy Bar, but it is SOOO small. They need more options in there! But by the last day, I like to get to the airport and relax. I stress about time, so getting there early helps with that.

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