All my previous visits to Aruba have always invloved flying out of Trinidad with Surinam Airways to Curacao then connecting with either Insel or Tiara for the remainder of the trip to Aruba. While I do not mind connecting it tends to take away from time that could be better spent at my final destination. I guess someone must have read my mind because Insel is resuming operations in Trinidad and Tobago with three flights weekly. Not too certain if they will be direct or will still involve connecting through Curacao. The main thing is that I have another option to get to and from Aruba, and with Insel resuming operations it means that on check in I will receive my boarding pass for the connecting flight one time, which means not having to go through Immigration, it means I can go through the Transit area to the departure area and be able to catch a much earlier flight to Aruba. This makes me look forward to my next trip even more.