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Who Is InsideTrip

Founded in 2007 by travel industry veteran Dave Pelter, InsideTrip provides, for the first time, a true insider's view on how to buy travel by offering not only the best prices, but also the ability to search by TripQuality score. Having led the pricing and planning departments at several of the world's top airlines, Dave transformed his expert travel knowledge into the core mission for InsideTrip: help consumers buy travel smarter. As the only airline pricing executive "turncoat" now running an online travel company, Dave's passion is providing consumers access to the best information to allow them to make the smartest possible travel decisions. InsideTrip is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

What We Do
InsideTrip provides not only great prices but also has created the industry's first TripQuality score for every airline itinerary, redefining the metasearch category and aiming to change the way consumers evaluate and buy travel. In addition, a ground-breaking visual itinerary bar helps users quickly determine the value of the airfare based on duration and convenience of flight.

How We Make a Difference
InsideTrip provides not only great prices but also the industry's first ever trip quality ratings. Redefining metasearch and aiming to change the way consumers evaluate and buy travel, InsideTrip's breakthrough TripQuality score evaluates 12 unique elements of every airline itinerary and lets shoppers determine if the trip is right for them. In addition, InsideTrip allows users to easily recalculate their own custom scores, offering consumers even more control."