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    Jet Blue

    Can anyone share their experiences with them flying from Boston to AHRUBAHH!!! Will be going in June and this is the 1st time with them.
    Mike M

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    We flew non-stop in both directions in January, and had good experiences.
    Our flight back to Boston was delayed due to bad weather in Boston (the incoming flight was delayed by multiple de-icings). I was impressed with how quickly JetBlue got us in the air once the flight from Boston arrived. In flight, everything was wonderful (aside from the lady having a panic attack behind me).

    The only strange thing about the delayed flight appeared to be related to the airport in Aruba, not the airline. The section of the airport where our announced gate was located was not opened until a short time before our flight, so those of us who got there on time for the scheduled flight had to wait in a different gate area. Very strange!

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    Jet Blu travel

    We flew out Wednesday morning in January, got to the airport (Logan) @ 5:00 am. About 2 dozen people in front of us waiting to check in, the International Check-In, then the line started forming.
    Everything went quick, security quick but thorough.
    The plane was waiting for us.

    The flight down was smooth, but around Miami, we lost reception of the direct TV, ended up watching 2 movies (were pretty bad).
    Got into Aruba around 12:30, quick thru customs and retrieve luggage, met Bully and he got us to the Divi in no time. On the beach by 2:00 pm

    The flight back on Monday afternoon was OK. Got to the airport around 11:30 am, thru customs and two security checks.
    The plane arrived at 12:30 pm, they cleaned it up and we were pushing off @ 1:30 pm, about 10 minutes early.
    The flight was smooth, except no direct TV until around NJ

    Arrived 15 minutes early, meet limo and off to Attleboro, home by 6:45 pm.

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    Jet Blue Flight

    We flew down to Aruba at the end of September and had a very smooth flight- we too lost the direct tv link and the movies were lame, but in all we were very pleased with the flight. We will fly Jet blue next fall also.
    We'll see you on the beach,

    Next Aruba trip in

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    jet blue

    My family and I just got back two weeks ago. We flew Jet Blue and were very impressed. I highly recommend them. Have fun!!

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