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Thread: Jet Blue

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    Any beach, party, bar or Casino!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    i usually sleep from the moment i click my seatbelt to the time of landing.
    so, i am totally unsure of the costs of booze.

    You sleepy head!!! Wish I could do that. Thanks for the info.

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    The Beach!
    If i remember correctly, you need a CC for any purchase on the flight. They will no accept cash.
    Decided to take down my timer!

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    JB rocks w/the FREE snacks & drinks; as well as the alcoholics drinks ($6.00 for beer. cocktails, etc.)
    Here is their List
    For the hot link

    Terra Blues® Chips Doritos® Munchies Mix Chocobillys chocolate chunk cookies All Nuts roasted cashews
    Stella D'oro® Breakfast Treats Stauffers® Animal Crackers
    Free Drinks
    Coke®/Diet Coke®/Coke Zero® Sprite®/Sprite Zero® Ginger Ale Seltzer Water
    Tonic Water Cranberry Juice Orange Fusion Apple Juice Tomato Juice Bloody Mary Mix
    Arizona® Iced Tea Aquarius Spring!™ Water
    Dunkin' Donuts® hot drinks:
    Original Blend Coffee - Decaf® Coffee - Tea - Decaf Tea

    They do have a nice supply! as comaoperd to a US Air Nassau flight where our friends were rationed 1/2 cup of Coke on both flights

    Also for Aruba and other Intl flights... all movies are now FREE!
    see OCT List above
    Six movies each month, three on each flight grouped together according to direction: south/east and north/west
    One movie in Spanish on all Caribbean and Latin American flights
    Thanks to All Who Serve!

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