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Thread: Jet Blue Boston to Aruba

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    Jet Blue Boston to Aruba

    This may sound like a funny question but we just booked Jet Blue out of Boston for our March trip to Aruba. We were excited to fly Jet Blue for the comfort and Direct TV since we are traveling with our 4 year old. I just read on Jet Blue's website that Direct TV and XM radio are not offered on flights ouside of the US. Is this true? What are your experiences?

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    This is true - TV was available for about the first hour or so. Once the plane was out of range and TV was no longer working, they offered a choice of three movies free of charge. We were able to watch two movies to pass the time. Don't know about the radio.

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    It is a bummer of not having access to all the channels and xm after about the first hour, but the movie choices are usually decent. You will enjoy the flight, comfy seats, more legroom. Jetblue far exceeded my flights on delta or aa.

    I also really enjoy the map on one channel showing where the plane is.

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    I just experienced flying Jet Blue for the first time to Aruba normally go US Air it was the best flight to Aruba first bag was free they actually had snacks free movies oh and the extra leg room well at 5'4" I always have extra leg room. Being able to check your bags on-line was a plus also. Have a great flight and a great time in Aruba.
    Next Aruba trip in

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    We flew Jet Blue out of Boston in May. It was our first trip to Aruba and our first Jet Blue flight. We flew rt for 425. We had 3 movie channels to choose from on our flights. There were 2 movies on each(consecutive) They were newer releases. The staff was friendly and the seats were comfortable.

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