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Thread: Jet Blue changes their policy when fares drop and you already are holding a ticket.

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    don't you worry that if you wait for the prices to reduce you end up maybe having to sit in a middle seat with your significant other maybe at another end of the plane ???
    I for one never ever ever sit in the middle....too cramped, I'm not a size 2 so I need to be able to breath and move, and in the past I seemed to get in between two men who both felt the need to use both of their arm rests, much to my dismay...(no offense boys....), oh, and I like to get up and move around a little now and, I obviously like the aisle seat.....

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    We fly end of Jan and beginning of Feb. When I have bought R/T in the past it's usually in November. I always get aisle seats. I have aisle seats on the first leg already. We try to get aisle seats across from each other. I think it was an issue once in 15 years. If DW and I are separated for 5 hours, it's not a big deal. It happens every day when we're at home.

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    We used to always get a great credit when we booked early with Jet Blue, not really caring if the price dropped because we would always get a credit and used it for another Aruba vacation but now.......I have to think twice and then book more carefully. I may go with a different airline.

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