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Thread: JET BLUE hits birds, lands safely.

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    JET BLUE hits birds, lands safely.

    jet blue 757 had a bird strike and made it back to JFK safely this morning!


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    YIKES...stuff like that scares me

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    It happens a lot, as long as it doesn't hit the flight deck windows or a big one doesn't get sucked into the engine, you generally don't notice it.

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    i was on that plain going back to brooklyn ny

    yeah i was on that flight coming home with my 18 year old brother and my girl friend. there was someone famous on that flight also some pr guy for the kardashians. and it was prob the most scariest flight i ever been on... we all heard something hit no one knew what it was then it started to smell really bad, then the announcement very well spoken and calm captain telling us a bird flew in one of the engines and told us that everything was malfunctioning and that he turned everything off and back on and it was fine. he also said the safe thing to do is turn around and land back in aruba, everyone was a lil shocked but no commotion, then you started smelling it more and more and started seeing smoke and im guessing thw captian made a sharp turn on purpose but no one knew that as soon as that plain turned it felt like a roller coaster ride and it just felt we where falling hard and fast, everyone started going crazy till he adjusted the plain. and that was the longest and scariest ride of my life, cuz of a daim bird lol

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