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Thread: jet blue lost my SIL luggage on NON stop

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    jet blue lost my SIL luggage on NON stop SIL took the non stop outa boston yesterday and they lost her luggage. So, no guarantees on non stops that your luggage won't get lost. horrible is this, one other woman who had her son's breathing machine in her luggage lost hers too.
    The # they gave my SIL to follow up with later in the day was closed at 4pm. So, she arrives, gets semi settled here, and calls after 4...gets their answering machine.
    JET BLUE get your freaking act together...

    Please contact via e-mail at

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    yikes that isn't very good! I hope they found her luggage!!!
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    The one thing I always do when going to Aruba, is pack one bathing suit and cover-up in my Carry On. If they lose my luggage, I can still be Beach/Pool Side
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    I always take a "just in case" bag with two days worth of clothes no matter where I go regardless of whether it is a direct flight or not.

    As for the person who lost her son's breathing machine, please where have you been living! Everyone knows you do not pack essential medical equipment or medication in checked luggage!!
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    Any Aruba beach...
    Yes, as a tip to others...
    When traveling you should always pack a spare change of clothes in your carry on in case your luggage is lost. In the case of Aruba, also a bathing suit. The other very important carry on item is medication.

    Unfortunately been there done that. Did not know well enough to pack my meds in my carry on. So the airline gives you a migraine and then you don't even have your meds to help get rid of it.

    Let us know Rob how your SIL makes out. Hopefully the luggage was just never put on the plane and not actually "gone".

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    Ugghh - they almost always find it if that helps at all.
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
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    RobO- US Airways did the same thing to us 2 years ago!! it was a non-stop BOS to AUA and they just completely forgot to put an entire rack of the luggage on the plane!!! We were almost first in line at security at 530AM for the 8 am flight so our luggage was there well in advance....
    it was a Saturday and the entire group I was traveling with didn't get our luggage until Monday night..

    Try not to let it ruin the trip, all you really need is a bathing suit and a few drinks to numb the pain!

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    Well that stinks. You'd think it would be a no-brainer for a direct flight especially! Hope it arrives soon!

    We followed advice found here and packed some clothes for each of us in the same bag. So at least if one bag was lost we'd both have clothes. We always had our own suitcases but it made complete sense to "cross pack". And I always put a bathing suit in my carry on!!

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    one would think that the "lost luggage with respiratory equipment"in it would have been brought as carry on.

    folks should remember to bring that kind of stuff and all valuables as carry on.

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    I have never thought about a direct flight's luggage being lost! Man now that is one more thing to worry about.LOL The only time my luggage was "lost" was going to St. Lucia and it wasn't a direct flight. I had NOTHING but makeup. LOL The resort gave me some shirts, bless them, but no bathing suit for 2 days. I had just lost my mother about 2 months before, and I did nothing but cry. I don't think I would have been as upset, had it not been for mother. I will put a bathing suit in my carry on this time, even though it is a direct flight.
    I am so sorry that the airlines lost your SIL's luggage, and I hope she gets it soon. Bless her heart!! Just get her a drink or two, it may help. LOL

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