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Thread: Jet Blue - why did tickets go up so much from JFK to Aruba?

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    I hear your pain.

    Living in Atlanta we deal with the same thing with Delta.

    Any day of the week, anytime of the year you can fly from many places in the U.S. on a connecting flight through Atlanta and pay less than we pay living right here.

    ...AND we will not go into how much cheaper a flight from the NY metro or Boston area is and is a good deal further away from Aruba than Atlanta. But right now there is no competition non-stop out of Atlanta. Just hoping when Air Tran starts it is year 'round.

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    Just booked Jet blue from Portland Maine to Aruba... via JFK , Mid week travel in April $420 pp, including all taxes round trip..... not bad..... I could be packed and out the door in 5 minutes so it's going to be a long 6 months!

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