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Thread: Jetblue sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnewhampshire View Post
    Just got an email from jetblue, great deals to the carribbean from the northeast
    I just went through booking my December 1st trip to Aruba. Gone were the Jet Blue flight direct from Boston, and the direct flight on American.

    I wound up booking Continental, leaving Boston at 6 AM , switching planes in New Jersey.

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    what day of the week are u leaving boston?

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    Any Aruba beach...

    Arrow What a Gimmick!

    "November 11, 2009
    A year of roundtrip flights for $2,000
    If you're an American Express cardholder, you can purchase for $2,000 membership in the "Flight of the Month" club from JetBlue. The pass, on sale tomorrow only at, the online marketplace of American Express, allows you to take one roundtrip flight each month, with no blackout dates. That averages out to about $166.66 per flight and taxes are included.

    It's not worth it if you're just gonna fly from BWI to Boston. But JetBlue offers connecting flights to more than 50 destinations from BWI as well as nearby Dulles International, including Cancun, Nassau, Bahamas, Aruba, Jamaica and Barbados. Now, here comes the cruel catch - and I called to confirm and also to express my displeasure at such a mean twist - there are only three of these passes available. Three. I know. I should have kept it to myself, not spent 5 minutes writing a post about it. But it's a good deal. I had to share. (Please don't write to excoriate me. I am a weak, travel-obsessed blogger.)

    Countdown to the sale begins tonight at midnight. Uh, good luck?"

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    We use Jet Blue all the time from Boston to Aruba. They have been great for us. They just e-mailed me the other day about a change of 10 minutes in our departure in 3 weeks. We think they are the best airline servicing Aruba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindyo View Post
    They are laying off workers and cutting back schedules in boston very shortly, heard in on the news today.
    JetBlue is expanding at Logan while others are cutting flights.

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    I agree, I try to only fly Jetblue. They are a great airline. Had my flight to aruba last year direct on them and booked this year direct also....They also are one of the only airlines that flies direct to florida now... just booked that too..



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