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Thread: Just Booked and Confirmed Jet Blue !!

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    Just Booked and Confirmed Jet Blue !!

    Hello all,
    Just booked and confirmed with the travel agent our Honeymoon flights to and from Aruba on Jet Blue Leaving Buffalo 11/14/2010 (with a layover in JFK ) then onto ARUBA !!! And then home on 11/21/2010 thru Boston and home to Buffalo !! So we are halfway there ! Just need to get confirmation on our hotel ! ( the travel agent is trying to price match the price I found on the Raddison's website........ ) Fingers crossed ! Right now we are flying to Aruba ! Now were just waiting on our confirmation for a place to stay !
    CANT'T WAIT !!!!

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    Congrats - it is starting to feel real once you have those flights confirmed!
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
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    You know what else is great about Jet Blue? They will credit you any difference in price if your flight goes down in price after you book. You have to keep a look out yourself but once you call it is very quick and easy to get the credit. They put it in a 'travel bank' with them to use on future flights. Would be nice to get the cash back but I fly them a lot so this is just as good for me.
    We received two credits for the trip we are taking next Saturday for a total of $500 in our travel bank. Hmmm? where will I go with that .......

    Next Aruba trip in

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    Travel Bank works out pretty good, just that it is only good for 1 year from time of credit. Keep an eye on the rates DAILY. They will change often. I was able to save cash on my Aruba flights and paid for flights to Las Vegas!

    Here is also a tip when you check prices!!! Search for 1 ticket, not 2 or 3, no matter how many are in your party. The prices may be different for more than one ticket!

    When I got my last credit, I searched for 4 tickets first, then I searched for 1, the price for the 4 was higher than my original price, but the 1 ticket was lower!

    Good Luck! the Radisson is a nice place to stay, I stayed there last time!
    Decided to take down my timer!

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