I'm trying to help my friend out who moved back to Holland. He is finally set up and ready to have his two dogs shipped to be with him. I have the crates, the dogs have all shots required and are waiting to go - but for me to ship them without a person will be over $1000 - if they are traveling with a person it will be less than $500. Due to the size of one of the dogs they must fly KLM as Arke will not accept a dog over 35 kgs. (yes he's the size of a small horse - but a lovely horse Both dogs will be shipped as "cargo" - no worry about them being under your feet. Once they are checked in you will not see them until Schiphol.
We are looking for someone who is willing to fly with the dogs. We will pay all cost to transport the two dogs and the owner will meet you at Schiphol to take home his doggies. If you would or if you know of anyone who might be willing to help, please have them contact Rik 594-4002 or email rik@limboaruba.com