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Thread: From the Netherlands?

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    From the Netherlands?


    My fiance and I are looking to get married in Aruba but we need to overcome a little reluctance on the part of his family. One thing we thought about was how easy or hard it would be for them to get here from the Netherlands. It seems like Aruba should be easier for them than some of the other islands like the US or British VIs. Any specific suggestions for the best airlines or times of year to travel from the Netherlands to Aruba? Anything that can make this easier on them will make it easier on us!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Check with Thomson /First Choice

    Air Only, check with KLM

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    Direct from Amsterdam

    Aruba is real easy from The Netherlands.

    Direct flights:

    KLM (twice a week)
    Martinair (6 days a week)
    Arkefly (4 times a week)

    Seasonal changes but this is now and in the near future.

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