New airline company ‘Fly Aruba’
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 12:18 By our reporter Ariën Rasmijn

ORANJESTAD — The aviation sector on Aruba continues to expand. Only recently, airline companies Tiara Air and Insel Air had concluded an important cooperation agreement, announcing a large number of new routes. Aruba Airlines had started last year, and another new, commercial airline company is on its way, namely Fly Aruba. A flight permit has already been submitted to the Directorate of Aviation.

Page size advertisements appeared in several newspapers yesterday, announcing vacancies for various positions, from P&O, finances and accounting up to cabin personnel, maintenance and co-workers for the destinations to be flown by Fly Aruba. Even at this early stage, we want to see what the local labor market has to offer,” Marcello Kock informed this newspaper. Kock is the man behind the marketing of Fly Aruba, which is currently located in the office of Arevenca at the Marisol Building, Oranjestad.

“We are currently in the initial phase of certification and want to know if and how many people we may have to recruit from abroad. This is why we started placing vacancy advertisements this early.” Kock states that the company, which was founded quietly in March 2010, is still in a very early stage. “The Directorate of Aviation is currently viewing the business plan. As things stand now, the company consists of the four pilots who had founded the company, and I. We don’t even have a director yet, we do everything together.” Nevertheless, the company’s ambitions are already somewhere in the stratosphere. “We will become bigger and better than Air Aruba in their feast days,” says Kock. There is no aircraft yet, but Fly Aruba is busy with lease options for a Dash Q400 with a capacity of 78 passengers and a Boeing 737 with a maximum capacity of as much as 215 seats. With these aircrafts, Fly Aruba wants to fly routes in the region even this year, while orders are prepared for the purchase of new aircrafts. Kock: “In principle, we will be flying the routes of the former Air Aruba, simply because these are still there”. Furthermore, the company’s website,, mentions their wish to fly to the US and Europe. “Our intention, let’s say one year after our start, is to fly with a Boeing 767. This is the same model that ArkeFly uses to fly to The Netherlands.”

Tiara Air will also be flying with larger aircrafts. In addition to the cooperation with Insel, Tiara recently announced the arrival of a new aircraft. The company will be using a Boeing B737-300 on the routes Aruba-Cucuta, Aruba-Rionegro and Aruba-Armenia. Although Aruba Airlines had started in October last year, they were suspended in February for six months. The aircraft of Aruba Airlines had namely landed at Reina Beatrix airport on December 31st last year when the latter had already closed."