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Thread: New carry on guidelines proposed

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    We're flying out to Vegas tomorrow and will be checking our luggage. I can't reach the overhead bins so we never take a carryon. I can never figure out why they don't have the back of the plane board first!

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    in the old days they used to board the rear of the plane first.
    i wonder why they stopped?

    i do understand the open seating concept and how boarding the rear first with an airline like SWA would be impossible...but all of the others that have assigned seats...why not??

    peg, i too have difficulty reaching overhead bins.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pegmeister View Post
    We're flying out to Vegas tomorrow and will be checking our luggage. I can't reach the overhead bins so we never take a carryon. I can never figure out why they don't have the back of the plane board first!

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    It's past time for the airlines to do this. I too am sick and tired of watching people cram their life's possessions in the overhead to save the few bucks it costs to check a bag. But still it has to be enforced, something which currently is almost non-existent in most US airports.

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    There is no logic for the change, only a need to enforce current rules.

    STUPID, but what else would you expect from the airline industy?
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    JetBlue boards from the rear to the front. When boarding starts, the premier members board first, and then they start the general boarding with those in the back of the plane.

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    Air Canada boards the back first. I can't imagine the stampede if it was open season!


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    the problem is that they let the first class on first, then all the premier fliers which when I look is half the plane. then those with children. by that time, there are 12 people left to board. now they should let first class board first since you're paying for the privilege. but after that, even if they board from the front of the plane, it should still be the last row to the front. the premier fliers still get better seats so I'm not sure why they have to board first. by the time they call all those people, those left in economy, which is probably the last 20 rows, take forever to get to their seat and its not their fault since they have to wait for the first 15 rows to get situated. they really need to give IQ tests to those who run the airlines.

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    I think that boarding from the rear to the front of the craft caused problems when folks in the rear seats would place their roll-a-boards in the overhead bins in the front of the plane. Then when the front of the plane passengers boarded, there was no space left in the bins over their seats.

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    I want to be the last one on the plane if I can help it! I don't understand the stampede at all!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacki View Post
    Spirit airlines already charges more for a carry on & less for a check bag. I thought that was odd & worried it was the beginning of a trend...

    FAA site:
    The site says 45 inch max linear length. Which means, add up the length, width and depth. I'm flying to Vegas in November on United, on which I haven't flown for a very long time. Their website shows max of 22 x 14 x 9, which equals that 45 inch max. They do charge for a checked bag, so I'll carry-on (I should be able to get what I need for 4 days in a carry-on). Hopefully, I'm up front so I don't have to wait for the unexperienced traveler who sits in row 7 and puts their carry-on in the overhead bin in row 20.

    Maybe the airlines are in conspiracy against clothing and shoe manufacturers. They want people to wear the same thing for their entire vacation and not buy any new clothes and shoes. Can you IMAGINE wearing the same pair of shoes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, site seeing, shows, gambling AND shopping???? (I'm not a shoe hound, it just sounded funny; if I can wear 1 or 2 pairs flip flops on vacation, I'm perfectly happy.)

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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