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No reason to quit the program if you get most of your miles on the credit cards.
I wholeheartedly agree!

On March 6, Delta announced their new mileage awards


Here is a great breakdown on the changes. Staying on topic here "Caribbean/Mexico awards don’t really change in pricing...They just get new Level 2 and Level 4 prices which are averaged in between Level 1, Level 3, and Level 5." There will also now offer one-way awards as well as a combo on levels.

We specifically use our AMEX not only to accumulate miles, but the extended warranty (which we have had to use ) as well as the ease of disputing charges. They are presently assisting us with a $1200 mattress charge which Macy's was supposed to have credited. The money (a small difference between balance on new mattress after credit on old one) will be paid when Macy's gets their act together and credits the defective mattress.

We also take advantage of the "Pay with miles" feature. Pay With Miles Through Delta SkyMiles®
Delta Amex Pay With Miles Program Now Gives Miles for First/Business Class Tickets