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Thread: New to using points for travel

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    New to using points for travel

    Just signed up for USAIR points credit card. I noticed that it takes 75,000 points to fly to Aruba for my June 2015 trip. Do those points ever go down or is that a thing that stays the same all the time. It seems like a lot of points for that trip. Norm

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    Those points do change. For our upcoming trip I used US Air miles. We were planning on flying down August 28th for our annual 2 week stay. The flights were 65,000 miles for coach round trip. While DW was on the phone with Marriott I was checking flights. I found that if we left a day earlier we could fly first class for 55,000 miles. So it was a win-win for us. First class flights there and back and an extra day in Aruba, (we're using IHG points to stay the first night at the Holiday Inn). I think it's way early to look at flights for next June, but keep checking, those milage requirements will change.

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