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Thread: No more KLM in Aruba?

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    For people coming from Amsterdam it's not really convenient (timewise) to make a stop in the US. It's much more convenient to go with either Arke or Martinair, or go with KLM to Curacao and take a Insel or something similar to Aruba.

    Seems that since KLM stopped flying to Aruba Martinair increased prices a little, as was mentioned already. Also, Arke seems to be full much faster than it was last year (speculation, I don't know for a fact)

    Then again, if the only plane going to Aruba made a stopover on the North-pole I'd probably still go

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    Dutch flight tax

    I just read in the Dutch newspaper that the Dutch flight tax has been lifted, and as a result the sales of air travel has increased already.

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    KLM will resume twice-weekly service to Aruba on February 1, 2010. Flights will go from Amsterdam to Curacao to Aruba to Amsterdam on a 747-400.

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