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Thread: Orlando airport vs Atlanta airport?

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    Orlando airport vs Atlanta airport?

    Hi again,
    Does anyone have an opinion about which airport would be better/easier to connect in- Orlando or Atlanta w/Airtran Airline? Travelling to Aruba with 4 kids next Jan. and want it to be as hassle free as possiblethanks!

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    orlando newer brighter
    your kids may get a little wild with all of the Disney and Universal stuff for sale

    but check the gate arrival and departures
    go to the air tran site and so some investigating.
    explore which gate ATL flight arrives at and the which gate ARUBA flight departs from.
    (is it real close? layover times acceptable?)
    then do the same for orlando

    whichever has the locations and timing to suit your needs should be the key.

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    Atlanta is so huge, it could take 45 min. to get to your gate. ok if you have a lengthy layover.

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    I agree to look at the terminals. If you are landing and taking off in the same terminals in either airports, then either on would work out fine, but if you have to go to a different terminal it could involve some time and energy.

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    Atlanta is a very busy airport and can have a lot of delays.

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