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Thread: Our return flight canceled, Aruba Airlines, according to our TA!

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    We have some good news. After 90 minutes on the phone yes ninety minutes with ECT, they were adamant that they left a voice message and email on August 15th that our flight was canceled. At this point we know most of this is on them as they NEVER contacted us about any changes. So they agreed to pay for half of Divi Village Golf and Beach Resorts lowest room for one night even though we are in their highest room (they had nothing to do with our original booking at Divi). They will not pay for any food or car rental. We figure that when we check in to Divi we go over the situation with them and offer to pay the difference to keep our same room. So our 11 days in Aruba is now 12 days and an extra $150 out of pocket total. I'm curious as to what actually happened and if Aruba Air flies on 10/29.

    On the other hand we have one bag packed and two more to go with 9 hours left until we start the trek to MIA, and Kellie just got back from the nail salon, anyone want to guess what color? Yep, bright orange just like the jeep.

    Thank you everyone for the advice and best wishes. Andrea, we used a TA for our flight because of the language barrier between us and them.

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    Glad it is fixed!
    i am looking forward to your aruba story!

    safe and easy travels tomorrow.

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    Really is a decent outcome compared to what it coulda been .... enjoy your trip..... safe travels..... and contact us from 'the other side'........!

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    Glad this all worked out for you. Looking forward to your reports. I recall you frequent Bright Bakery. Can you confirm that they no longer carry loompia? (That's what we were told while there last month but there was a language barrier so I'm hoping I misunderstood as there's was the best I've ever had!)

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    Eleven days turns into twelve days?? Talk about the Silver lining behind the dark cloud.

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