Mining 2015 data to understand when to buy, expected ticket prices, and fare differentials

A good breakdown of the Expedia study above.

"Adjusting for exchange rates, Expedia said that during the 12-month period from October 2014 to October 2015, average economy class ticket prices worldwide dropped by about 8 percent. The declines were even bigger in July and August, with year-over-year drops of 13 and 10 percent respectively."

"Looking at tickets purchased at least 21 days before departure, Expedia found that the average cost savings was 31 percent for intra-North American economy travel and 27 percent for premium seats."

"As for the best day to buy a ticket, Expedia said that whereas in earlier years its studies determined that Tuesday and Wednesday offered the best prices, this time it found that weekends are better, “but Tuesdays are still close behind.”"