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Thread: Problems flying from the UK

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    Problems flying from the UK

    Hi. I have joined this site as my husband and I are looking to come to Aruba next Jan 2012.
    We are having problems finding any airline which flies from the UK in January. Also we have been to travel agents last year but they were trying to charge us in the region of $9000 for both of us for 2 weeks!!! I dont think so somehow! We ended up In Dominican Republic
    We have the option of getting a cheap flight to Toronto or Detroit (where my brother lives) and spending a couple of days either side with him.
    If anyone fromt he UK is on here and has travelled in January, can you let me know how you got there. We dont mind changing flights.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    American Airlines flies to Aruba through Miami and Delta
    flies to Aruba via Atlanta.

    British Airways and AA...easier travel for those from UK

    Via Amsterdam

    From the Netherlands?

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    Not sure what charter operators are flying UK to Aruba that time of year, I know Thomson stops from December through March or so. Arke or KLM from Amsterdam might be an option there. Looking at flights and exchange rates, the costs I've seen for flying some of those isn't really any more than flying on a US based airline and the direct flight will take about 15 hours less travel time.

    As for costs, $9k for both of you really isn't that bad for two flights and two weeks in a hotel. Especially if you're going all inclusive or a high end hotel. None of the US airlines have their schedules and fares published officially for January 2012 yet, so I can't give you an exact price.

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    hey there,
    in January you have just 2 options -British Airways via USA,but price is about 800
    or KLM via AMSTERDAM just register with them for newsletters and promotions and check prices constantly,you can get flight ticket below 500 per person,standard price is about 700.Or you can find a cheap flight to Amsterdam from UK with Easyjet (about 50) and then buy flight with KLM it is even cheaper.
    there is no other options for now.
    CHEAPEST way is charter flights with Thomson but they just operate from 1st May till end of October London and Manchester.

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    Hi KLM is the best option at that time of year from the UK. I do find that hotels costs (depending on where you want to stay) are very expensive. I always do a package which works out much cheaper but thats for may.

    Good luck with your search and you wont regret visiting Aruba.......from a fellow UK resident!

    Ever thought about changing the time of year you visit? It might work out cheaper if you go May - Oct as you can go with Thomson Holidays on a package which works out cheaper.

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    hi, i think i could help. i have flown to aruba about 6 times from the UK, and have a decent knowledge of aviation and Air travel (quite sad really )

    the main option and easiest option is KLM. From october this year KLM will fly into Aruba 5 times weekly, i think mondays wednesdays friday saturday and sundays. I think KLM serve the majority of major airports in the UK. the prices are roughly around 1600 pounds for 2 adults in economy with KLM. I might be returning to Aruba this year in october and i think this is the option we will end uo taking.

    Another option for you is Arkefly. Now for some reason, there isnt an english language option on there website. Arkefly are part of the TUI Group, they are the dutch Thomson. The fly into Aruba every friday i think, also some other days. For this option you would need to book a flight with Easyjet to AMS then Arkefly to Aruba. there current prices to aruba are 550 pound per person.

    finally you can travel via the US with BA and either AA, Delta, continental or JetBlue but this would be expensive and the travel time would be much longer

    hope this helps

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