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Thread: Question for the seasoned aruba travelers

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    Lings=21.59 for a .75 Litre bottle Absolut, NH Packy 27.99 for a 1.75 Litre bottle, over double the volume, A savings of over $25 a bottle, multiply that over a few bottles you're talking a $100 savings, not really chump change

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    absolut 750 ml. NH 17.49- Lings 21.59. As much as I love the prices in NH $4.00 is not worth it for me and once again, its a bottle per person or you might be paying the $4.00 many times over.

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    Once again, NH state store 750 ml absolut $17.49. Lings 750 ml absolut $21.59. My local liquor store in NY 750 ml absolut $17.59, 10 cents more than NH but then you add NY taxes and it goes up another 8 1/2%.

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