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Thread: Shari has a question about Swine flu and airport

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    Shari has a question about Swine flu and airport

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    Anyone able to give me an update on the airport swine flu situation? i read somewhere that they were making people pass through scanners to detect heat (indicating illness - swine flu from your temperature) and you have to fill out a form about your health.


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    We arrived on the island last week and the only thing that was different was the medical questionarre that everyone was required to complete. The form was given to us on the airplane before our arrival in Aruba. The form was collected right before you go to immigration.

    There were no heat dectectors that we saw anywhere in the airport.

    Once we picked up our luggage, we passed right through customs without a problem.

    We than responded directly across the street to Avis to pick up our SUV for ten days for the price of sixty dollars (Refer to my previous post on our experience with Avis.)



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    cheers David !

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