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Thread: So frustrated with JetBlue

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    Here's an update....a few weeks ago I was so frustrated with JetBlue for dropping the price of the flight I had been watching for only a few minutes and then back up again (so I thought). Well, I though it happened again last night. At 6:30am I get an alert from Yapta that the $783 flight I had been watching for weeks just dropped to $423, I couldn't believe it. I flew out of bed to run to my computer only to find out that on the JetBlue website the price was still $783. I couldn't believe that it happened again and I missed it. especially since I've been checking the JB website multiple times a day.

    A few hours later I still couldn't believe that the price would drop for only a short time...AGAIN. So, I called JetBlue to see what was going on and I found out that the price never dropped, and it probably didn't drop that low a few weeks ago either.

    I just wanted to let everyone know there must be a problem with Yapta so you might not want to rely on it completely.

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    "Sadly, if you want to fly non-stop out of NY Jet blue is the only one.."

    FYI, we are flying Non Stop out of NY on Delta

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