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Thread: St. Louis??

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    St. Louis??

    We're in aruba again from 8/21 to 9/4 and just found out that we have a wedding anniversary party to attend on the 4th in St. Louis. Any airlines have direct flights from aruba to St. louis? Or at the most, one stop? All I can find are flights with 2 stops which is a little much.

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    there are flights out of aruba to st louis, but they have 1 stop, like American airline has a stop in Miami, or continental has one, but stops in Newark. Check on with your dates ... good luck...

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    Delta flies to STL through Atlanta (ATL)
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    St Louis isn't a hub for anyone anymore, you won't find a non-stop flight. There are also very few morning departures from Aruba, you may have to consider leaving a day early in order to make it back for the party.
    After looking over the flights; American 1036/583 is probably your best bet coming home. It leaves Aruba at 7:50AM and gets you back before 5PM. There is one stop, in Miami
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