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Thread: Staying an extra day

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    Staying an extra day

    Hello I am flying with United and we were looking at staying an extra day or two. Would it be better to book before our trip or after we already are in Aruba? I called and they wanted 150$ change fee plus another 230$.. I heard if you already started your trip and they had space you would only pay the change fee 150$. Anyone ever done this?

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    Beaware, unless you are really really flexible, a day or two change might turn into longer if the flights are sold out. If the flight is sold out there is nothing to change to.

    Otherwise, there is no 'hard and fast' rule. It varies by the airline. Either look on their website for specific rules or if you want to take a chance on phoning them and speaking to someone who knows what they are talking about, try that.

    Delta for example charges also last minute changes based upon the number of miles. Some airlines will charge based upon the fare class to which you are changing to. Without getting into a long explanation of that just know that it may cost you more to change your flight than just the "set fee". More info at
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