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Thread: Thursdays @ Airport

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    We got there a little over three hours prior. The longest line was checking in since nobody was there yet. There were a few ahead of us; but a very long line behind us. Even bought a few things prior to going through customs and the clerk met us on the other side.
    We got through customs very quickly.. had lunch and more shopping. Was overcharge for some dark chocolate and the clerk actually closed his store and looked for us for a few dollars. Very nice so I went back and got more chocolate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aruba4ever View Post
    We always arrive at least 3 hours ahead of time, my preferable arrival time is 3.5 hours. This amount of time allows me to relax no matter what the lines are looking like. I hate being late for things so things works for me. I now have a lounge pass of some type thru my Ritz card that allows me free access the lounges at the airport. The one in Aruba has great AC pumping, free mixed drinks, wine, small sandwiches and chips all free. Its a nice way to relax, just don't fall asleep in the comfy chairs, lol.
    Do you know what airlines, if any, the lounge is associated with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaltVB View Post
    Do you know what airlines, if any, the lounge is associated with?
    I've looked into it before. For us, it's not worth paying extra when all of the airports we use in the U.S. and Europe have a Delta SkyClub that we can use for free.
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    You know what, give me "One Happy Bar" any day of the week. I don't use the "special lounges" at the airports in the US when flying and we can. And in Aruba, the One Happy Bar has music and happy people and the staff is very nice & accommodating. And I feel like the trip hasn't ended yet. The last thing I want to do is sit in a closed room before I get on a closed plane, lol.

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    The lounge is associated with my Ritz card and not any allows access to many around the world. The cost to enter the lounge without it is 32 I believe. I will be honest the only place I have used it so far is Aruba. If there is one in my terminal in Boston I will look into that next month and report on it.

    Walt I just looked at my card. My service is thru and its paid by the Ritz. They have a list of all the lounges around the world and yes Boston is one them...
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    Thursday is a good day to fly in and fly out as there is way less traffic arrival and departure wise compared to weekends. You can check in and be at your gate with plenty of time to spare. Here is a little tip, when you have to go through the second security check before you make it to the departure area, take a glance at the line, chances are there are open lanes up ahead.

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