Hey There. I will be flying over to Aruba on the 26th December connecting through Curacao. My connecting flight will be with Tiara Air, and I am beginning to have some concerns about their service. Can anyone tell me what their record is like, as in are they on time, do they have a lot of delays and cancellations, should I stay with my booked connecting flight or should I try to make alternate travel arrangements upon my arrival on Curacao. I was hoping to connect with Insel, however for the price that I got my round trip ticket for I had to take the booking with Tiara. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S: I know that I mentioned this in another post, my connecting time on Curacao will be 13 hrs If shelling out some cash to cut my time down and get over to Aruba earlier is what it will take then so be it.