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Thread: Today's re: Jet Blue

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    Today's re: Jet Blue

    Possible expansion of JetBlue flights
    6 Sep, 2010, 08:21 (GMT -04:00)

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    JetBlue CEO Dave Barger receives a T-shirt from his Aruban colleagues – made especially for the company’s 10th anniversary.
    ORANJESTAD — The highest boss of the American airline company JetBlue paid Aruba a visit last week. The budget company will possibly increase the number of flights this ‘winter season’. The company currently accounts for approximately 12 percent of all American tourists coming to the island per aircraft.

    The visit from the JetBlue CEO Dave Barger is within the framework of the company’s 10th anniversary. Barger brings a personal visit to all JetBlue-destinations. Personnel from airport authority AAA and the local employees from JetBlue welcomed him at the Reina Beatrix airport. The Minister of Transport, Otmar Oduber AVP subsequently welcomed him, during which meeting they discussed amongst others the expansion of the number of flights from Boston for the coming season. For that matter, Oduber had already discussed the possibility of more flights to Aruba with JetBlue during his business trip to New York. According to the Minister, the budget company is favorably disposed towards this. However, as far as is known, no concrete agreements are made just yet.

    Since February 2000, the airline company flies to Aruba with flights from Buffalo and Fort Lauderdale. Six years later, in September 2006, JetBlue expanded its flight schedule with daily flights to Aruba. Since 2007, the budget company also has a non-stop flight to Aruba via Boston. Meanwhile, the company flies twice a day from New York to our island – almost throughout the whole year. With nineteen weekly flights, JetBlue transports approximately 12 percent of all American tourists visiting our island per aircraft.

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    I wish they flew out of Newark(ewr)

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    We're hoping they add a flight from BDL-JFK. One flight to JFK from BDL would allow us to connect to a flight to AUA without having to make the drive to Boston - and would give us a duty free shop! We're keeping our fingers crossed as we watch their expansion!

    They welcome suggestions, so I sent an email requesting this. DannyO, you might want to do that as well. Can't hurt!

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    Any beach, party, bar or Casino!!!!!!
    IMO the prices are a little high this year.

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    DannyO, i did hear that Jetblue will start flying between Bos and Ewr starting May 2011. Maybe you can connect thru Boston

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    Quote Originally Posted by DANNYO View Post
    I wish they flew out of Newark(ewr)

    I agree!
    _____Wishing I was in Aruba!_________

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