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Thread: Travel Between Islands

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    Travel Between Islands

    I've been wanting to combine my next trip Aruba with some other islands. It's easy enough to find flights between the ABC's, but does anyone know of any charter flights or an easy way to get between the US Virgin Islands and Aruba? From what I've found, there are not direct flights and it can take over a day. Seems somewhere that close should be easier to get to

    Anyone ever tried this or know how make this trip?

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    Airlines do not want to fly directly from each and every island because there is just not enough demand. Your best bet is to fly through Puerto Rico or Miami and connect from there.

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    Only inter-island connection I've seen would be from Tortola in the BVI through St Maarten on Winair and on to Aruba via Insel or Dutch Antilles Express. Not an easy option. If American still has the late departure to Aruba from San Juan, that would be the best option.

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