To get to Aruba from Trinidad and Tobago presently involves flying to Curacao via Suriname Airways and waiting three to four hours before your connecting flight to Aruba is ready to depart. I've done this once and will be doing so again in two months time. While it would be great to have a direct between T&T and Aruba, flying through Curacao is not all that bad. There is more than enough to be kept occupied and fed while waiting, during my first trip through back in August of 2010 I picked up a copy of The Dome by Stephen king which made the wait for the Insal Air flight move by rather quickly. My advice to those flying this route would be to: 1. Make sure that you check in for your flight as soon as you clear customs and baggage claim. 2.Head up to the waiting area with enough time to spare as you will have to go through security screening and immigration, and the lines can be long. 3. Depending on where the gate for your flight will be, chances are it may also be the same assembly area for flights to the Netherlands, so don't be too freaked out by the crowds. The number for your connecting flight will be small. 4. Be sure to check out the souvenir stores, you will find some interesting stuff and its also another great way to kill time. 5. Before landing make sure that you receive and fill out your immigration cards, as it will help to speed you through customs, baggage claim and onto the beginning of your blissful few days on the Happy Island.