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Thread: United/Continetal Merger

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    Newark is our "home" airport since we live in Northern NJ and therefore Continental has been our primary airline for a long time. We knew the merger with United was not going to be a good thing for us and it looks like service levels are really dropping off. We just experienced a similar change of seat situation on an LA flight and were lucky to get seats across from each other. All of this happened last week when they merged their systems and hopefully the worst is over.

    A friend of ours has been a Continental agent at Newark airport and told us that the Continental employees are not very happy with the United management and policy and you can really see it when dealing with them. I guess they are lucky they all still have jobs but none of them look forward to coming into work anymore...not a good thing in a service driven industry.

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    we are from northern nj and use continental always. it was because they offered the most non-stop flights. but i have a feeling unless you want to do stop overs, they sort of have us. for me to go to kennedy or laguardia round trip with traffic would take longer than flying to aruba. lol. i'm hoping by the time we go, 8 months, they'll have some of the kinks worked out. i know they upped their upgrade miles. what use to be 15,000 one way is now 20,000.

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